I spent ages looking for a decent X based network diagramming tool without huge numbers of dependancies and came up with nothing.... so I wrote netmapr. It's a basic network diagramming program with NetViz-style drill-down capabilities and is designed to be able to quickly create useful network diagrams.

  • SDL-1.2 (included in win32 package)
  • SDL_ttf (included in win32 package)
  • libpng (included in win32 package)
  • X (obviously only if running on a unix platform)
  • Documentation

    Quick Start Guide Tutorial explaining the various features of netmapr and guiding the user through creating a simple diagram from scratch.
    Command Reference Full list of netmapr keyboard and mouse commands.

    Developmental Source Code

    The SVN repository can be accessed at svn://svn.nethack.net/home/svn/netmapr. Anonymous access is read-only - contact me if you are interested in adding functionality and I will arrange commit access for you.


    PlatformCurrent version
    UNIXnetmapr 1.9c
    Windowsnetmapr 1.9c

    Send any comments, feedback, etc. to rob@nethack dot net