Dumb Deaths

Mail mrq@nethack.net with any new suggestions (must be able to be recognised by looking at the record file).

Death typeDumb points
Killed by a lichen, while not helpless (I don't think this is possible *)500,000
Eating the corpse of Death400
Eating the corpse of Famine or Pestilence300
Hitting yourself with a pick-axe180
Kicking a wall177
Teleporting to nowhere175
Teleporting out of the dungeon and falling to your death170
Killed by elementary physics150
Choking to death on the corpse of your pet150
Getting the Amulet of Yendor but not making it to the Elemental Planes140
Escaping with a fake Amulet of Yendor130
Being pulled out of a bear trap by a thrown iron ball120
Killed by the wrath of a god117
Bumping into a wall115
Kicking a sink110
Falling down stairs100
Genociding yourself90
Eating a cockatrice corpse85
Killed by a unicorn83
Choking to death on a fortune cookie82
Choking to death81
Killed by a grid bug, while not helpless80
Killed by a newt, while not helpless70
Killed by a rock falling on your head65
Poisoned by eating a rotted corpse60
Hit by your own death ray35
Petrified by touching a cockatrice/chickatrice corpse30
Falling off while mounting a steed25
Killed by a gas spore explosion23
Killed by a burning scroll10
Killed by a contaminated potion5

* snappy has now proved that this is in fact possible.