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Original Games
ratcatcher Platform game (bubble bobble style)
gala Space game, sort of a 2d version of elite/frontier.
nexus Roguelike game.
Board Game Adaptations
mille Computer adaptation of the Mille Bournes card game.
cheesechasers Computer adaptation of Bran McMillan's print and play card game.
Not available for download.
arkham_horror Computer adaptation of the Arkham Horror board game.
Not available for download.
pandemic Computer adaptation of the Pandemic game.
Not available for download.


netmapr Network diagram drawing program.
sdlless Graphical, joystick controlled text file viewer.
speed Does network speed conversions.
com SVGALib MAME front-end.
nett local network bandwidth monitor.
qclock clock program with an attitude.


nethack Sound for nethack 3.3.1 (unix only).

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